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Fruitport District Library

Thank You For Your Cooperation

Hi, everyone.

The passed few months have been very trying for everyone.  Within a period of about three to four weeks, we went from normalcy to quarantine.  We have had to adjust to a completely different life than that which we lived last summer.  We now live six-feet apart from one another.  We interact behind masks.  We are washing our hands far more frequently than before the pandemic.  Even so, you have marched on, adapted, and continued to live.

I want to say that I am proud of how this community’s members have reacted to the recent changes in the Library’s service to everyone.  When the Library made the decision to close the building and shifted to curbside, you adapted.  When the Library closed, you embraced online content.  When we reopened and had to instate guidelines according to the State Government requirements, you followed those guidelines.  When masks became required for entry, you began to wear them.  You have cooperated with the Library as it has had to adjust to every changing circumstance.

Thank you very much for your cooperation as we have navigated these untested waters.  Your actions have shown that you are truly companions to the Library.  Thank you for all of the verbal and written encouragement you have given us.

I wish you wellbeing and health.

Adam DeWitt,

Library Director

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